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Relocating? How will you find your next financial advisor?

Posted on June 10, 2010 by

16% of the population relocates annually. After they have found a new doctor, pharmacist, hair stylist, and someone to change the oil; the relocated person or family eventually needs local financial advice for their investments and retirement accounts... Click here for complete article.

Why does someone even need a financial advisor?  76% of wealthy Americans have financial advisors.  It’s hard to beat those odds.  Plus, investors only “guess right” 25% of the time when the market is at a low point.  It’s even harder to beat those odds... Click here for complete article.

As for item one, now that we are in the Bernie Madoff world of scamsters, how can you find a financial advisor that won’t rob you and spend your money on a Bentley?  By reducing your chances of getting a phony advisor in the beginning.  Most scam artists are frauds with phony credentials and/or they usually have criminal records.  But it’s really difficult for the average person to discover these facts.  A new website helps investors with this problem... Click here for complete article.

Would it not be better to find a profile about a financial advisor that is verified by an independent third party?  A profile that objectively calculates input on 125 items and then presents a StarRating of 1-5 stars.  We have star ratings for everything; movies, hotels, mutual funds, etc.  Now there are StarRatings for financial advisors... Click here for complete article.


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